Our world has never been more connected, but we’ve never misunderstood each other more.

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“We had the opportunity to participate in The Culture Course in person. It was very interesting, enjoyable, and practical. Although we already knew something about culture (and lived overseas for years) it was very enriching for us. We were able to obtain a clearer perspective and a practical way to plan for our work overseas.”

Expat in Africa

Your Plan

Most people don’t understand other cultural perspectives. The Culture Course through academic research and practical life examples will give you a foundation on culture and the tools to be able to learn to relate well to people of other cultures.

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Use the final project notes as a lifestyle of learning to deal with other cultures.

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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Steven L. Nolen

Dr. Steven L. Nolen has a D. Min. Degree in Intercultural Studies and is certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center (CQ®) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has been learning, living, and teaching cultural principles for the past 30+ years.

This course is a combination of information from personal experience, personal academic studies, and sources from both business and non-profit areas of cross-cultural studies.

“The Conexion training was a very helpful experience for our workers. I believe it helped with introducing our people how to enter into cross cultural interactions with better awareness of the world view of others.  The information was engaging and helpful both to those who had a good deal of cross-cultural interaction, as well as those who had less experience.  The content in the presentation was supported by good research and sources, and it was designed to encourage discussion and participation. I highly recommend this training.”

More About the Course

The course comes with the following tools to help you learn to relate well to people of other cultures:

  • 10 modules of practical training and coaching
  • Video and written lessons
  • Worksheets and Assignments to help you take action

Here are the titles of each module:

Cultures, Subcultures, and Personality 

Ethnocentrism and Globalization

The Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) Model – Part 1

The Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) Model and other tools– Part 2


Power Distance

Uncertainty Avoidance

Context Part 1 & 2: Low and High, Competitive and Cooperative

Final Project and Concluding Thoughts

“Conexion Training is a great opportunity to not only improve your language, but also for your personal growth.”


Working in the Middle East

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the resources?

Every video, resource, and course component is accessed online on the private member’s website.  You can access from any computer, phone or tablet with an internet connection.

Is this a monthly membership?

No. The enrollment fee is a one-time charge and includes instant access to all of the resources. 

How long will I have access to the videos and resources?

You will have access for 180, but you can request longer access with the Conexion Training team.

Who is this for?

Anyone wanting to be more effective in relating to people of other cultures.

  • International businesspeople and entrepreneurs working in another country.
  • International Students who want to understand their host culture better.
  • Cross-cultural non-profit workers preparing to live and work in another country.
  • Anyone who works in a company, hospital, or school with people of other cultural backgrounds.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about how to relate to people of other cultures.
Is there a return policy?

Every course, resource, or product we sell comes with our unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just contact us and we’ll take care of you.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Email [email protected] anytime you have a question and someone from our team will be in touch.

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