Conexion Training


Conexion Training currently continues to offer the language course with ESL in Panama. We are working to provide on-line courses in modules in Adult Language Learning, Language Coaching, Language Assessments, and Understanding Cultures in the future.

Coming soon: Online Language Course


What is Conexion Training?
Established in 2011, Conexion Training is a study abroad program that teaches English as a Second Language in an immersion setting. Conexion Training offers a variety of classes which focus on reading, pronunciation, grammar, task-based language instruction, and field trips. These classes help learners become more and more independent while also providing guidance and help from Conexion Training’s staff. In addition to English instruction, the program was designed to help learners understand the variety of approaches, methods, and techniques that one can use to learn a language. An included class on basic SLA principles was designed to help learners understand realistic expectations for learning languages along with strategies and tools to help learners help themselves. Ultimately, a key vision of Conexion Training is to help produce independent, aware students who are able to think and act for themselves in regards to language learning.
What is different from other language programs?

There are many programs that promise the secret methodology that “works for everyone” or “makes learning a language easy”. Conexion Training acknowledges that learning language is not an easy process that requires time and energy, but also that learners learn differently.

The biggest difference between Conexion and other programs is that we are not trying to patent or push a particular approach or methodology. We are for equipping learners to identify methodologies and techniques that work FOR THAT LEARNER.

What do you offer to teach cultural proficiency?

Conexion Training has a cultural trainer certified by the Center of Cultural Intelligence based in Michigan, U.S.A., who is authorized to conduct CQ Assessments and Debriefs that are used by many professional organizations and academic institutions. You can go to their website at to get a list of these organizations.

In addition, Conexion Training staff have more than 50 combined years of working cross-culturally with people from more than 20 countries, having lived in five other countries for extended periods of time.

Who is the program for?

The program is for sponsored professionals or students who are interested in learning English and learning how to learn languages.